Chrissy M. and I birded the Weldon Spring Area and the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher area off of Highway N this afternoon.
We started off at Lost Valley Trail in Weldon Spring, Mo. to get an update on the nesting Red-shouldered Hawks.  We weren't dissapointed.  One fledge was present in the nest and also readily chose peripheral branches to perch on.  Dispite the wave like noise of the cicadas, we also observed Cerulean Warbler, Acadian Flycatcher, Yellow-billed Cuckoos, Louisianna Waterthrush and others.  We didn't go much past the fork.
At Darst Bottom Road, we caught up with the small group of Lark Sparrows.  Horned Larks were there, too.  Thanks to Connie Alwood for the tip on the sparrows.
Just after making a left onto Highway N, a male Scissor-tailed FC flew across the car.  We pulled over to the shoulder and were treated w/prolonged views of the PAIR.  They favored a medium sized stand alone tree that is inbetween N and Henke on the west side.  We did not go to the open field that is inbetween the apartments and the shopping mall. (Please use caution if viewing these birds on the shoulder of the road.)
Videos/photos will be up on the Audubon facebook page after they are loaded up.
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis Co., Mo.
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