Highlight birds - YES:  Scissortailed Flycatchers, Western Kingbird, Blue Grosbeaks,
                                 Dickcissels, E Meadowlark, Field Sparrows, House Wren, Killdeer,
                                 Wild Turkeys, Grasshopper Sparrow, multitude of Mourning Doves, 
                                 E Towhee, C Yellowthroat, N Parula, Yellow Warbler               
                                 Prairie Warbler, YB Chat, White-, Red-eyed & Bell's Vireos
                                 Fish and American Crows, Barn Swallows et al, Summer Tanager,
                                 GrayCatbird, N Mockingbir  BrownThrasher,HouseFinch, Chickadee
                                 N Cardinal, Red-winged Blackbirds, C Grackles, Indigo Bunting,
                                 Warbling Vireo, Great Egret, Mallards, Turkey Vultures,RT Hawk
NOT Seen/heard:       Henslow's Sparrows
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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