I birded the upper portion(Street Car Drive) of CC park yesterday-specifically, I walked along a newly developed mountain bike trail.   Among other surprises, I stumbled upon a family of Carolina Wrens-at least 6 were chastising me with disgruntled outbursts(nice to see and hear). 
The cicadas haven't been obnoxious there, yet.  Their presence was seen and heard none the less.  It was interesting to observe which sp. was taking advantage of the bounty.  Common Grackle, Summer Tanager, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo were most active in the feast.  Each sp. had a different approach, yet the outcome was the same-head and wings discarded.  C. Grackle was the most nonchalant; often fly-catching them.  The Tanagers were most aggressive and the Cuckoo used its tried and true stab and grab method..  The latter 2 species were also the most vociferous.
NON-BIRD observation: Ebony Jewelwing(M &F).  Fun because of lack of moving water(that I was able to see).
Kudos to the volunteers that built the trail!
Bryan Prather
St.Louis Co., Mo.
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