Janet Haslerig and I just ran the Hi Lonesome Paired area Grassland Coalition bird survey in Moniteau County near Tipton yesterday morning from about 5:30 am to 10:30 am. The GC survey  resembles a Breeding Bird Survey but is conducted within each of the nine Grassland Coalition Focus Areas and nine control areas. See URLs below for more info.


We had 59 species on the count with another handful in between stops that we didn’t see or hear on the survey. Best bird was a calling Black-billed Cuckoo near Manito Lake Cons. Area. For those who have an urge to see if it is still there here is the location. Manito Lake CA is off MO Highway 5 south of Tipton. From the NE corner of the Cons. Area on Old 5 Highway take Manito Lake Rd west about mile (there is a big private lake on the east side of Old 5 Highway where the Manito Lake Rd starts).  On Manito Lake Road, after a sharp right and a sharp left hand turn go about 100 yards and you will have a forested tree line along the road to the north and a brushy cut over area to the south.  The Black-billed Cuckoo (BBCU) was calling for the 3 minutes we were counting birds at that spot. Good luck if you try for it.


Also, we had 6 Henslow’s Sparrow singing constantly in three different old field where the dry broom sedge (orange-colored grass that grows in lots of field that have low lime levels) can be seen above this year’s grass growth.  Prairie Warblers (PRAW) singing at the NW corner parking lot of the lake, the second parking lot to the west from the BBCU spot.


A loggerhead shrike was about mile south of NN highway on Liberty Road. State Highway NN is about a mile south of Tipton on MO 5. Go west on NN to the first road left, Liberty Rd. You can actually go to the end of Lake Manito Rd, about a mile more if you just continue west from the BBCU and PRAW locations, then turn right and go about a mile or so to just before NN.


If you want to read more on the Grassland Coalition here are two places to go.





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