Edge Wade wrote:
"As we are getting bombarded by the very high decibels of cicadas,
here are some suggestions for early early June CACHE and SPARKS site
visits.  Trips to these sites will help fill in gaps in the data base
and some of these will take you to places with lower levels of cicada

Confluence State Park"

CONFLUENCE STATE PARK is presently CLOSED at the gate which is ~ 3-4 miles away
from the actual park. This is due to flooding. (allegedly closed to all
visitors including birders but open to the farmers that work the adjacent
land... BUT one needs to go to the office for verification/permission to access)
It will probably be closed long afterward (months on end in the past).

Guesstimation is that it's due to limited funding to fully repair the area.
This is happening yearly (or more) so access is dependent upon flooding along
the MS. River and when the DNR can repair the damage.

Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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