After seeing Edge's report on areas missing May reports, we decided to bird Nodaway Valley CA on our way home from Maryville today. What a wonderful day - we found 55 species and felt like we should/could have had many more. We had the whole place to ourselves and no circadas were heard! We heard and saw birds everywhere we went in the area! Baltimore Orioles were singing the loudest, Dickcissals were seen and heard almost constantly! Plenty of mudflats and fluddles, though only were able to spot 1 pectoral sandpiper and 1 willet! Herons were abundant - including a green and little blue! Most impressive site was a flock of 87 American White Pelicans! When we finally decided to head for home, we could not believe that we had spent over 6 hours there and had only birded the Andrew County portion on the east side of the Nodaway River!
   There is so much diverse habitat there - I sure wish that it was closer to us!
    Full report on CACHE.
Laurie Shawver
Boone Co, MO
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