An Eared Grebe in breeding plumage was observed this
morning at the intersection of Stringtown Rd. and Regtown
Rd. in extreme So. Monroe Co. (this is very far south and
could be in Randolph Co.)  At times the bird was within
10 ft. of Regtown Rd. - great photo op.
Directions: from Bluff Rd. go west on Kaskaskia Rd. to
Stringtown Rd.  Turn left (south) to Regtown Rd.  The
bird is located in the water area on the south side of
Regtown just west of Stringtown Rd.
On my was home I observed a Mississippi Kite on
country road M about a mile west of I-55.  They
apparently nest in this area as I have seen them here
in previous years.
Wally George
Cedar Hill, Mo.
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