I left home a little after 8am and headed out to the Emerald View Sod Farm.  As expected no Upland Sandpiper.
From there I ran down Bluff Rd. to Randolph County.  Within ten minutes I had a Black Vulture.
Next up was theEared Grebe at Stringtown Rd @ Regtown Rd.  No grebe, but did get Black-necked Stilt
Took Stringtown Rd. all the way back to Bluff Rd, heading for Outlet Rd.  Much to my delight there was a very cooperative American Avocet feeding next to the road.
On Outlet Rd I was able to see the White-faced Ibises.
Ran into (not literally) David Becher and Loy Barber.  They put me on a Black-bellied Plover along Levee Rd just south of Mitchie Rd.
Started the day with six target birds - got four of them.  The plover was a bonus.
Archie Keiper
Columbia, Monroe County, IL
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