Birded a very warm and steamy Cooley Lake this morning for about 2 hours.  
All the rain has done away with the mudflats and so the shorebirds have left 
the area.  Did see a nice immature Bald Eagle hunting the lakes and 5 Caspian 
Terns fishing.  Cuckoos were working the willows on the road to the first 
parking lot.  Didn't get a look at all of them, but the few I got my bins on were 
Yellow-Billed.  Spent some time there and then went across 210 to the other 
Cooley Lake CA portion and heard lots of good birds and saw the Missouri River 
lapping just a few feet below the parking lot.  

On my way out I was treated to a Bobcat (Lifer for Missouri) crossing the road 
about 200 yds south of the railroad track.  

Sounds like most of the shorebird habitat has been flooded around here.  

If anyone knows of some good shorebird spots I will be out in Central Missouri 
tomorrow and would love to see some Whimbrels, etc.

Location:     Cooley Lake CA
Observation date:     5/29/11
Notes:     The Bald Eagle was an Immature fishing the 3 lakes at Cooley Lake.
Number of species:     32

Canada Goose     5
Mallard     1
Northern Shoveler     2
Great Blue Heron     7
Turkey Vulture     7
Bald Eagle     1
Red-tailed Hawk     1
Killdeer     2
Caspian Tern     6
Mourning Dove     15
Yellow-billed Cuckoo     4
Ruby-throated Hummingbird     1
Red-bellied Woodpecker     1
Downy Woodpecker     1
Eastern Wood-Pewee     1
Warbling Vireo     2
Blue Jay     2
American Crow     3
Barn Swallow     3
Swainson's Thrush     1
American Robin     4
Gray Catbird     2
Brown Thrasher     1
European Starling     2
Yellow Warbler     1
Common Yellowthroat     2
Lark Sparrow     2
Northern Cardinal     1
Indigo Bunting     5
Dickcissel     2
Red-winged Blackbird     3
Common Grackle     5

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Good Birding,
Keith Brink
Liberty, MO

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