I'm re-posting the administrative guidelines for MOBirds-L. They follow.
Generally Dave Scheu and I (MOBirds-L owners) hope the list set-regulates.
Occasionally we do send private messages making requests of posters. We try
to avoid public embarrassment.


We find that rule # 3 in the list below is the most violated rule.





Remember that posts to the MOBirds-L listserv will be seen by over 700
subscribers. Please follow these netiquette provisions.


1. Remember that MOBirds-L is used to discuss wild bird related activities
and sightings, and things of interest to those who enjoy wild birds. We do
tend to focus on Missouri's wild birds but that is not mandatory.
Advertising of commercial ventures is not allowed. Political discussions are
not allowed.


2. Please be polite and courteous. Keep flames and personal messages off the


3. Always use your real name for signing your postings. We request that you
include your email address, and city and county of residence, in your
signature block. This enables other readers to "place" your bird sightings
and to contact you if they have questions about your post.


4. Give a descriptive Subject Line to all your postings. This also makes
life easier for other subscribers.


5. Discuss only one subject per post. This makes it easier for other
subscribers to file your message in the right folder.


6. Keep your posts short and to the point. When you reply to a message
include only the part of the previous message that is essential to the
reader's understanding of your reply. Do not send "I agree" type messages;
those are the ones with no additional content besides supporting a previous


7. Show restraint in the number of posts you send. Generally no more than
one per day, or no more than seven per week, is a reasonable guideline to


8. On the other hand, don't be bashful or afraid to post a message. All of
us were new to the list at one point in time and we will understand if you
make a mistake while you're learning.



A topic that sometimes comes up is solicitation of money through the list to
support a non-for-profit. Dave and I have OK'ed that in the past. But, we
wouldn't want to see more than a few posts for a single non-profit
organization. Ditto with the announcing of non-profit meetings that require
registration fees.





Susan Hazelwood, MOBirds-L List Co-Owner

Columbia, Boone County, MO

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