Hi MOBirders:

St Chas County, Missouri
--  Least Tern, 5, Riverlands MBS
--  American White Pelican, lots!

St Louis County
--  Mississippi Kite, 2, breeding in University City.  Both birds seen today.  Also, on May 23 the pair was observed with the perched female vocalizing plaintive, thin, high-pitched, slightly burry whistles, descending at the end.  The male was orbiting the area, then shot in like a missile, mounted the female on the wing, then flew off after about 3 seconds.  The property owners report that they've watched nest building in their yard, and they also wish to remain anonymous.

Madison County, Illinois
--  Common Moorhen, USACE mitigation pond, 3660 Ill Rte 111
--  Eurasian Collared-Dove, 2, Madison City
--  Common Nighthawk, vocal and diving into a tree, same city
--  Willow Flycatcher, 1 singing, great looks, "borrow pit"
--  Bell's Vireo, 2 singing, same place
--  Blue Grosbeak, 1 singing, nice look, Sand Prairie Rd

Photos follow.  Select X3Large for the zoom-in look.


Mike Thelen
U. City, StL Cnty, MO
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