I spent a few hours at Squaw Creek NWR (Holt County, MO) this evening. Mainly, I focused on the "Pelican Pool" area, which was loaded down with shorebirds. In spite of the vegetative growth, I was able to identify 15 species of shorebirds. Shorebird highlights included 2 Red-necked Phalaropes, 425 White-rumped Sandpipers and a possible Dunlin x White-rumped Sandpiper hybrid (more on that bird in another post). A drake Cinnamon Teal posed for me in decent light, link here: (Pelican Pool). I also watched an adult Bald Eagle put one of the gunshot Snow Geese out of it's misery after a prolonged struggle. Near the main entrance, there were Yellow-headed Blackbirds and Great Tailed Grackles, apparently on territory, in the small cattail stand next to the road, near the boardwalk trail.
It was a hairy ride home; had to dodge some nasty supercells (I think a couple produced tornados) and peel my fingers from the steering wheel when I arrived at my house in Liberty. Obviously, bad weather does indeed bring good birds!
Full species list below.
Safe Birding,
Doug Willis
Liberty, MO
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Subject: eBird Report - Pelican Pool-Squaw Creek NWR , 5/21/11

Location:    Pelican Pool-Squaw Creek NWR
Observation date:    5/21/11
Number of species:    48

Snow Goose    4
Canada Goose    18
Wood Duck    14
Mallard    3
Blue-winged Teal    46
Cinnamon Teal    1    Likely the same bird reported by this observer last week. Will provide a link to photos for ebird reviewers.
Northern Shoveler    8
Green-winged Teal    2
Hooded Merganser    2
Ring-necked Pheasant    1
Pied-billed Grebe    4
Double-crested Cormorant    1
American White Pelican    2
Great Blue Heron    18
Great Egret    16
Snowy Egret    2
Little Blue Heron    1
Turkey Vulture    6
Bald Eagle    2
Red-tailed Hawk    1
American Coot    26
Semipalmated Plover    1
Killdeer    12
Spotted Sandpiper    2
Solitary Sandpiper    1
Lesser Yellowlegs    8
Semipalmated Sandpiper    145
Least Sandpiper    2
White-rumped Sandpiper    425
Baird's Sandpiper    6
Pectoral Sandpiper    21
Dunlin    23
Stilt Sandpiper    22
Short-billed Dowitcher (Prairie)    2
Wilson's Phalarope    14
Red-necked Phalarope    2
Ring-billed Gull    8
Mourning Dove    1
Belted Kingfisher    1
Eastern Kingbird    3
Tree Swallow    26
Barn Swallow    6
Cliff Swallow    2
Yellow Warbler    3
Dickcissel    3
Red-winged Blackbird    20
Orchard Oriole    2
Baltimore Oriole    4

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