I found and photographed an apparent immature Neotropic Cormorant at Squaw Creek NWR (Holt County, MO) yesterday evening. After talking to Kristi, I do not think this is the same bird she found last week. Although I am calling it a Neotropic based on smaller size, smaller bill, darker loral area, V-shaped gular bordered with white and longer tail (difficult to ascertain with this bird, due to active molt of tail feathers. What really struck me about this particular bird initially was the overall whitish coloration. I've seen this many times on immature Double-crested Cormorants, but never on a Neotropic (immature Neotropic Cormorants tend to be much darker than DCCO's). Another feature on this bird is, in certain shots, the loral area appears to have a faint light orange hue. Pure Neotropic Cormorants show dark lores. Anyway, I have put the photos into a flickr set for viewing; link here:
Here Is a link to the Bob Brown CA Neotropic Cormorants I photographed earlier in April, 2011 (Thanks again Josh and good to hang out with you yesterday!) These two birds are more standard-issue Neotropic Cormorants (darker overall coloration, way darker lores, etc):
Here is a link to an article on hybrid Double-crested x Neotropic Cormorants in Oklahoma by Arterburn & Shepperd:
While I am currently unsure of the Squaw Creek cormorant's true lineage, I remain forever fascinated by all things birdy...
Here is a link to some other cool birds observed at Squaw Creek Friday and Saturday:
Quick link to Black-necked Stilt:
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