Last night (5/19) after work, I ran a quick run to Otter Slough CA to briefly check for any other larger type wading birds. I was unable to relocate any Ibis species; however, as I left O.S. CA I trailed ~130 Little Blue Herons in hopes they would lead me to a heronry. After more than 10 miles of crisscrossing county roads, I decided that this must be a migrating flock which was headed northeast. They may have been headed toward the Benton, MO area.
While at Otter Slough though, I did happen upon a Least Tern flying overhead then utlimately fishing in the private pond to the West of Otter Slough CA. Nice yellow bill, black cap with black "racing" stripe from extending from the lore to the black cap, and black on the front edge portion of its wing from the "elbow" to tip.
A couple days ago (5/17) I was lucky to observe several Black Terns and one Common Tern - also heard vocalizing . . . eeee-rrrrrrrrrr.
On a separate note: Not sure if all the flooding has contributed to the plague of small flies/gnats/black flies, but they have far and away detracted my focus of my distate for ticks. While I do remember this nuisance each spring the four years I've lived here, I've never experienced this type of attack before - not even in Michigan with their Black-fly outbreaks along Lake Michigan. For the record, I don't know the proper or even scientific name for these other than scourges. They may be 2-4mm long and have sort of a "hump-back" and are relentless in their pursuit of what ever they think I have that they want. Is this outbreak something the rest of the state is experiencing or will this be local to the flooding?
Regards and good birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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