Charles and I covered the area between H and Y east of 63. Mostly farmland, the airport and some of the forest areas. Weather was cold, rainy and windy but we ahd some great finds as well as some misses. Our own feeders in our yard helped us with Baltimore Oriole, Brown Thrasher, Downy, Red Bellied and Hairy woodpeckers, chickadee, tufted titmouse.
 Many small ponds in our area but we did manage many Canada geese some with goslings, 2 pectoral sandpipers, 2 least sandpipers, killdeer, great blue heron, great egret, cattle egrets, green heron, and 3 black terns.
 The scissor tail flycatcher, was not in his usual location, but while trying to id some of the shore birds on a small pond he flew right in our line of vision, spreading his tail!
  Our best find though was on Veach Road, just north of Clatterbuck Rd, in the middle of the road we stopped to view a bird getting grit - a dove, but it wasn't right for a mourning dove, tail was short and squared off, it was chunky, then it turned sideways nicely for us = a white winged dove! We both got good long looks at it before he flew off to the east! Unfortunately the camera was at home! But we did have enough time to verify the id with Sibley - perfect match.
  We also had great looks at a pair of Bobwhite, strutted down the road toward us near the airport tower.
 Lots of flycatchers, phoebe, pee wee, eastern kingbirds, great crested and willow.
  Not many warblers till afternoon when the rain stopped, then found a active group - amercian redstart, black and white warbler, red eyed vireos so close and loud that even my hearing challenged husband could hear! Finally got a look at one!  Lots of dickcissals out.
  Misses included grey catbird (not even the one in our yard came out for jelly when we were around), pigeons, northern flicker, bobolinks (have not been seen on Loy Martin Rd this year), rose breasted grosbeak. Sparrows were sparse.
 Overall a great day despite the weather!
Laurie and Charles Shawver
Southern Boone Co, MO
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