I'm sorry to hear about that too.  He was great and also on the Oklahoma List.

John Hansen
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  I remember Bob Fisher well and was amazed at the depth of his birding knowledge and his skill. I will miss seeing him on outings and miss his posts to MO-Birds. I have learned so much from him. It was a privilege to have known him.

  Scott Laurent
  Kansas City, MO
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  I am sorry to inform you that Bob Fisher passed away last Friday. Bob was a remarkable individual in so many ways. He was an avid and legendary birder and a frequent contributor to the MOBirds list serve. He will be missed by many fellow birders in the Kansas City area plus statewide in Missouri and Kansas.  

  I don't have the complete details for a memorial service except that it will take place on Sunday afternoon, May 22th. I will forward the information to the list serve when plans are finalized.  

  Paul Habiger
  Burroughs Audubon
  Kansas City, Missouri

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