I left the office about 4 p.m. today (Monday) to check out the Bobolinks that Edge had reported on Creekland  Road, just north of Columbia.   Thanks, Edge.   Here are a couple photos:
     About 5 p.m., I headed for Eagle Bluffs.   Yellow-Billed Cuckoos were out in force.   Didn't see or hear any over the weekend, but this evening saw and heard no fewer than six.   Took a couple photos, but missed the shot of the day.  Just as I was focusing on a Cuckoo, it hopped down and grabbed a frog by the leg.  Before I could take the shot, the frog was gone.  Sigh.....
    I walked back toward the river looking for warblers and found Yellow Warblers, a Blackpoll Warbler, a Gray Catbird, and many American Redstarts.  It's very hard to take digiscope photos of warblers, but did manage this one shot of a Redstart.
    Finally, hear a couple photos that I've finished downloading from the last few days of birding, including a grumpy Barn Swallow and a cheerful Grasshopper Sparrow.
      As always, if these links don't work for you, you may go to and then click on New Photos, scroll down, and find these.  Enjoy!
      Robert Schnase
       Columbia, MO
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