Why did the cattle egret cross the road?  Probably just to scare the heck
out of me.  In Calhoun county today, checked out Two Rivers NWR at Brussels
(mainly still flooded).  Was on Deer Plains Rd, between the refuge & Golden
Eagle general store; crested one of the hills, and there was a cattle egret
strolling across RIGHT in front of me.  Since i don't drive like a native,
was able to stop, and he was able to take off, in time.  Would've made one
heckuva hood ornament.

Coming thru Grafton, saw a kettle of vultures soaring directly over the
river.  Odd place for an updraft?

Missed the bobolinks at Columbia Bottom.  Will go back tomorrow.

Ken Thompson    ([log in to unmask])
Moline Acres   North StLouis County

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