Not being blessed with the more "birdy" areas of the county, Chris  
Corben, Jerry and I worked pretty hard for a total that is well below  
100. The challenging weather added to the delight of each species found.

Anyone who hasn't seen Bobolinks in Boone Co., yet may go along  
Creekland Road (it is east of US 63) between Peabody Rd. to the north  
and Calvert Hill Rd. to the south.  Bobolinks are in a scrubby field  
on the east side.

We were dive-bombed by a Whip-poor-will near the Silver Meadows camp  
(turn off US 63 at Pinnacles Rd., go past Pinnacles Youth Park for  
another mile)

Most interesting miss:  Carolina Wren.

Most interesting sighting:  Common Loon (2) flyovers at Finger Lakes SP

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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