Want to make history?  Want a chance to find a bird not already on a  
site checklist?

Be the first to record a May trip report for CACHE to one of these  

Apple Creek CA, Cape Girardeau Co.
Bunch Hollow CA, Carroll Co.
Grand Trace CA, Harrison Co.
Hunnewell Lake CA, Shelby Co.
Little Indian Creek CA, Franklin, Washington counties
Lost Valley Fish Hatchery, Benton Co.
Nodaway Valley CA, Andrew, Holt counties
Saline Valley Ca, Miller Co.
Thomas Hill Reservoir, Randolph and Macon counties

There are several other sites with only one or two visits for all of  
May.  Among them are:
Big Buffalo Creek CA, Benton, Morgan counties
Bois D'Arc CA, Green Co.
Bushwhacker Lake CA, Barton Co.
Drury-Mincy CA, Taney Co.
Mozingo Lake CA, Nodaway Co.
Shawnee Trail CA, Barton Co.
White (WG & EP) Mem. CA, Lincoln Co.

Your trip to any of these 16 sites will be a significant addition to  
the CACHE database.  Your sightings will fill in blanks in the  
occurrence records.

Thanks to all who participate in CACHE and SPARKS and make a special  
contribution to Missouri bird conservation efforts while having a  
great time in the field.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator

The Audubon Society of Missouri's Wild Bird Discussion Forum
ASM Spring Meeting: April 29 - May 1, 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri,