I finally took time to go to the Switzer Power Substation (on Brown  
Station Rd. [the northern leg of the horseshoe] just west of the  
intersection with Rt. B) to see Western Kingbirds in Boone Co. today.

I waited 30 minutes.  In that time, an American Robin chased a  
European Starling out of the tree immediately south of the  
substation; a Brown Thrasher chased a European Starling out of the  
same tree; two Northern Mockingbirds appeared on the fence and poles,  
caught caterpillars, sang, displayed and were still doing so when the  
two Western Kingbirds arrived.

One mockingbird made a foray at one of the kingbirds and was evaded  
seemingly without much effort.  One kingbird went onto a substation  
crossbeam, about 10 feet directly below what appeared to be the old  
(2010) nest.  The other got no closer than the guy wire of a pole.   
The mockingbirds were watching, but not obviously interfering.   
Neither WEKI approached the nest or showed any interest in it or  
other part of the structure while I watched until they flew north  
about 15 minutes later.

Birders may want to check the area now and then to see if the WEKI  
build here or nearby.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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