I took a break from work today (for a few hours) to bird with my wife. 
We were both delighted, even though we were birding eventually in the 
rain, to see so many warblers, vireos, thrush, flycatchers and more - 
all still coming through.  Highlights:


Mourning Warblers (male and female)
Golden-winged (female)
Canada (male and female)
Chestnut-sided (5+ - not one of them was a female)
Magnolia (6+, male and female, as well as first year females)
Blackpoll (male and female)
Bay-breasted (male and 3 females)
Wilson's (the black cap was small, so maybe a female?)
Ovenbirds (2)
Tennessee (still in abundance)
American Redstarts (still in abundance, male, female and first year 
Northern Parula (male and female)
Black and White (male)
Black-throated Green (2)
Common Yellowthroat
Palm Warbler
Hooded (this seems rather late! - he was singing, too)


Red-eyed (2)

Flycatchers (and related)

Great-crested (2)
Pewees (3)
Least (2)


Swainson's (3)


Lincoln's Sparrow (1 hiding just outside Gaddy under bushes)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak (one lone female)
Scarlet Tanager (1 male, 2 females)
Summer Tanager (2 females, 1 male)
Baltimore Oriole (1 female)
Orchard Oriole
Indigo Buntings (male and female)
Cedar Waxwings in super abundance
Eastern Towhee (a nice surprise - haven't seem one in a while)
Hairy Woodpecker (and Red-headed, Red-bellied, Flickers and Downy)
Chickadees and their fledglings
Robins and their fledglings

It's strange that Blue-winged Warblers seem to be very absent.  We've 
only seen two so far this spring.  And so far we have not seen a Bell's 
Vireo come through TGP.

Andy Reago
St. Louis
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