OK, here is the story. I went to Sugar Creek on 5/11. While
photographing the very cooperative Louisiana waterthrush a bird popped
up on a low tree. I took a quick look and made a mental note of a
Tennessee warbler (TEWA). Something looked odd though and I snapped
few shots.
Here are two of them:

 Looking at these shots later on at home I was going between TEWA and
a Philadelphia vireo (PHVI). I got some feedback from couple of my
friends confirming a PHVI ID. Here are some of these comments:
" The bill looks thicker than a TEWA bill.  The culmen is arched like
a vireo bill.  The yellow smudging on the throat looks like
Philadelphia Vireo."  Maybe a hybrid "because of the very wide white
supercillary and yellow smudge on it."
What you can not see on the photos too well is that the vent was pale
yellow. You can see a little bit of that on the second shot.

After posting my photo labelled PHVI I got some other feedback saying
that the bird in question might be a TEWA. Thanks for your feedback
guys! Some comments:
#1 "I have never seen a Phil. Vireo with such a greenish back. Most of
them have more yellow underneath than the bird pictured. And it
doesn't have the "sweet" face that I think of with a Philadelphia."
#2 "The bird just looks so whitish underneath -- if it had white
undertail coverts that would help solidify the ID.  The contrast
between the gray on the head and neck, and the back, is striking."

Please send me your thoughts on this bird!
P.S. If I did not hear the very sad news on the list I would have
expected an e-mail from Bob Fisher right away... I will miss his

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO
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