Did someone really see a HERMIT WARBLER at one of the field trip venues at the 2011 ASM Spring Meeting!

I see that the Wilson's Plover that is on the list was a result of an input error.

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Subject: Outstanding ASM Spring Meeting in KC
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Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 11:46 AM

All who attended the Spring Meeting in Kansas City are grateful for an outstanding experience. Liz and Mike Stoakes and the many Burroughs Audubon Chapter are to be commended for a superb job as hosts.  The weather on Friday and Saturday was perfect for great field trips, lots of birds – and a little sunburn. A total of 183 species is something to brag about. Too bad everyone could not be on each of the field trips. The Eurasian Wigeon was a life bird for many, if not all who went to Squaw Creek. There were more life birds for many participants.   Below is the total list for all field trips. Read through it and see what the Kansas City area has to offer this time of year. Let me know of any additions or corrections.  Bruce Beck, presidentAudubon Society of Missouri  ANSERIFORMESSnow GooseRoss's GooseCanada GooseWood DuckGadwallEurasian WigeonAmerican WigeonMallardBlue-winged TealNorthern ShovelerNorthern PintailGreen-winged
 TealCanvasbackRing-necked DuckLesser ScaupHooded MerganseerRuddy Duck  GALLIFORMESRing-necked PheasantWild TurkeyNorthern Bobwhite  GAVIIFORMESCommon Loon  PODICIPEDIFORMESPied-billed GrebeHorned GrebeEared Grebe  PELECANIFORMESAmerican White PelicanDouble-crested Cormorant  CICONIIFORMESGreat Blue HeronGreat EgretSnowy EgretGreen HeronWhite-faced Ibis  CATHARTIFORMESTurkey Vulture  FALCONIFORMESOspreyBald EagleNorthern HarrierSharp-shinned HawkCooper's HawkRed-shoulderred HawkBroad-winged HawkSwainson's HawkRed-tailed HawkAmerican KestrelPeregrine Falcon  GRUIFORMESSoraAmerican Coot  CHARADRIIFORMESBlack-bellied PloverAmerican-Golden-PloverWilson's PloverSemipalmated PloverKilldeerAmerican AvocetSpotted SandpipperSolitary SandpiperGreater YellowlegsWilletLesser YellowlegsUpland SandpiperHudsonian GodwitMarbled GodwitSemipalmated SandpiperLeast SandpiperWhite-rumped SandpiperBaird's SandpiperPectoral SandpiperDunlinShort-billed
 DowitcherLong-billed DowitcherWilson's SnipeWilson's PhalaropeBonaparte's GullFranklin's GullRing-billed GullCaspian TernBlack TernForster's Tern  COLUMBIFORMESRock PigeonEurasian Collared DoveMourning Dove  STRIGIFORMESBarred Owl  CAPRIMULGIFORMESCommon Nighthawk  APODIFORMESChimney SwiftRuby-throated Hummingbird  CORACIIFORMESBelted Kingfisher  PICIFORMESRed-headed WoodpeckerRed-bellied WoodpeckerDowny WoodpeckerHairy WoodpeckerNorthern FlickerPileated Woodpecker  PASSERIFORMESTyrannidaeEastern Wood-PeweeLeast FlycatcherEastern PhoebeGreat Crested FlycatcherWestern KingbirdEastern KingbirdScissor-tailed Flycatcher  Laniidae Loggerhead Shrike  VireonidaeWhite-eyed VireoBell's VireoYellow-throated VireoBlue-headed VireoWarbling VireoRed-eyed Vireo  CorvidaeBlue JayAmerican CrowFish Crow  AlaudidaeHorned Lark  HirundinidaePurple MartinTree SwallowNorthern Rough-winged SwallowBank SwallowCliff SwallowBarn Swallow  ParidaeBlack-caped
 ChickadeeTufted Titmouse  SittidaeRed-breasted NuthatchWhite-breasted Nuthatch  CerthiidaeBrown Creeper  TroglodytidaeCarolina WrenHouse WrenWinter WrenMarsh Wren  RegulidaeRuby-crowned Kinglet  SylviidaeBlue-gray Gnatcatcher  TurdidaeEastern BluebirdSwainson's ThrushWood ThrushAmerican Robin  MimidaeGray CatbirdNorthern MockingbirdBrown Thrasher  SturnidaeEuropean Starling  MotacillidaeAmerican Pipit  BombacillidaeCedar Waxwing  ParulidaeBlue-winged WarblerTennessee WarblerOrange-crowned WarblerNashville WarblerNorthern ParulaYellow WarblerYellow-rumped WarblerBlack-throated Green WarblerHermit WarblerBlackburnian WarblerYellow-throated WarblerPalm WarblerBlack-and-white WarblerAmerican RedstartProthonotary WarblerOvenbirdNorthern WaterthrushLouisiana WaterthrushKentucky WarblerCommon YellowthroatYellow-breasted Chat  EmberizidaeEastern TowheeAmerican Tree SparrowChipping SparrowClay-colored SparrowField SparrowLark SparrowSavannah
 SparrowGrasshopper SparrowHenslow's SparrowSong SparrowLincoln's SparrowSwamp SparrowWhite-throated SparrowHarris's SparrowWhite-crowned Sparrow  CardinalidaeSummer TanagerScarlet TanagerNorthern CardinalRose-breasted GrosbeakIndigo BuntingDickcissel  IcteridaeRed-winged BlackbirdEastern MeadowlarkYellow-headed BlackbirdCommon GrackleBrown-headed CowbirdOrchard OrioleBaltimore Oriole  FringillidaeHouse FinchAmerican Goldfinch  PasseridaeHouse Sparrow  ------------------------------------------------------------
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