Went to Eagle Bluffs CA this morning in hopes of finding the stilt.   Didn’t find it --- and think there was a good “turn over” in birds last night.   I did not find any phalaropes or avocets, but some ibis still present. Several big flocks of pectoral sandpipers in the back of Pool 10.    I walked the levee along side Pool 8 and had 3-5 Northern Waterthrushes, palm warbler, Nashville, yellow and too-numerous-to-count Yellow-rumps.   Was also very pleased to see both Sandhill Cranes poking their heads above the cattails.  Baltimore and Orchard orioles seem to have arrived in good numbers, and the Indigo Buntings are back.   Two forster’s terns put on a good show for photographers.  Pelicans are gone.


I took a short walk along the levee toward the disabled blind on the distribution channel --- and at almost high noon had singing Black-throated Green, Prothonotary, Nashville, Yellow, Tennessee warblers; an American Redstart, Warbling and Red-eyed Vireos, Gray Catbird and Rose-breasted Grosbeak.   (all in a little cut-away area near “gate 46”).



Jean Leonatti
Boone County, Columbia, MO
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