Thanks again to the Johnsons for posting their Yellow-crowned Night Heron at Murphy Lake bordering Lindell Blvd yesterday (?).  I drove by this evening, couldn't see any birds around the lake, but made a hard right into the park, parked above the little lake and walked down.  A Yellow-crowned was standing  motionless in the shallow east end.  Like Longfellow's Paul Revere, I didn't stop with one but scanned the perimeter of the lake and lo and behold a second Yellow-crowned standing a foot from the north bank appeared.  Both had been invisible when I drove by in my sedan, hidden behind some flowering bushes.
I was on a roll, so pulled out and then drove in by the stone HQ building and police substation by the small fishing ponds just on the other side of the bridge over Forest Park Pakway.  A Black-crowned Night Heron was back, roosting in one of his favorite Bald Cypresses across from the building,
Hundreds of Chimney Swifts were in a feeding frenzy, flying low over the many lakes and waterways as I drove out of the park and home.  A nice half hour or so with no effort.  Still too light for any early arriving C Nighthawks to be out over the Hi-Pointe service station and movie theater, maybe later tonight.
Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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