Friday morning before the ASM events began in Kansas City, June  
Newman and I visited some birding sites in K.C.
We began with the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center.  Wow! Great  
place.  Very nice job with relatively small acreage.  Good habitat  

Note, though, that if you try to go there and are unfamiliar with  
recent changes (for us that is in the last 40 years), note that 47th  
Street is now called Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd. and that Troost is  
blocked 100% by construction, so plan your approach accordingly.

Of special note was a non-avian observation at Troost Park Lake.   
 From CACHE comments:

While at north end of [Troost] lake, we observed Common Grackles and  
Canada Geese at south end in big uproar. Grackles were swooping  
around in a tree, geese were flapping on ground & in water.  When we  
reached the south end I observed something swimming about 30 feet  
from shore, working toward the shore.  It was a Big Brown Bat,  
swimming much like the butterfly stroke.  It reached the shore and  
tried to hide under a small grass bank overhang.  We proffered a  
stick; it grasped it.  Fell of a couple of times, but when taken to  
the base of a tree, it began to climb.  We left it working its way up  
the tree.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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