Stranded near home due to flooded roads and work schedule, I'm enjoying
reading many of your posts wishing I were elsewhere!

Yesterday evening, I received a voice mail from Matt Bowyer with information
of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers and a tern with a forked tale in Pool 1 at
Duck Creek CA (Main Unit) located just North of Mingo NWR.

I took advantage of the lull in T-storm activity this Sunday a.m., and
headed that way. From Bloomfield, the only accessible route is on Hwy 51
from the North. I had to go North to Advance on Hwy 25 then West on Hwy C
(careful, there is water partially covering Hwy C). Hwy 51 between Puxico,
MO and Duck Creek CA is flooded and Mingo NWR is closed to all activities as
is Otter Slough CA due to flooding. Road closings:

I was NOT able to relocate the tern in question; however time of year would
fit the MO historic records of the Forster's Tern.

I was able to relocate the Matt Bowyer's Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. He had
observed them on the East side of Pool 1 south of the bridge as you enter
Pool 1. However, I observed them working along the pools edge on the West
side of Pool 1 directly opposite of where Matt had observed them. When I was
leaving under the deluge, the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were back on the
East side of Pool 1 along the rip-rap lake edge. Images can be viewed here:

The rains came hard and steady at 12:30 pm thus effectively ending my
continued search for the tern.

Despite the gloomy clouds that covered the sky and ensuing rain, I was
satisfied with the days events as I was allowed close proximity of a
Red-shouldered hawk which I originally thought was hung up in something or
tangled in fishing line along the west side of Pool 1's drainage ditch. I
stopped and watched it to find out it had captured a massive frog (presuming
a Bull Frog) in its clutches and couldn't take to flight due to the frogs
mass. I was able to get a few images of that event and can be observed here:

I spent just over 4 hours at this location and 106 species observed with
only a humble 5 shorebirds and 7 waterfowl species observed. I didn't get a
chance to get into the high ground Pine stand and hedge rows before the
rains came - in hopes of observing more thrushes, sparrows and possible

If interested, full report uploaded to CACHE here:

Stay safe!

Bird on!

Chris Barrigar

Stoddard Co.
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