Tower Grove Park St. Louis MO.
Gaddy Garden was busy with birds and birders.

adult female bunting:
I love the chocolate and carmel browns:
Loy chased this warbler high in the savannah oaks Friday evening:
Note the thin sharp Vermivora Warbler bill:
Another Vermivora Warbler thin bill:
Trip Leader Bob's favorite Vireo:
Describe the flanks on a Rose-breasted Grosbeak:
Liars Club Executive Board:  
Cousin to the Waterthrush:
A treat to see low:
Another Andrew R. first report:  (record shot)
Young male RE: yellow in tail:
Empi: grey; large head; small bill look

Bill Rudden
St. Louis
1 Indigo
2 Towhee
4 Northern
5 Orange-crowned
6 Blue-headed
7 Rose-breasted
8 Rad W.(L), Mike T., Joe
9 Ovenbird
10 Red-eyed Vireo
11 Blackpoll Warbler
12 Redstart
13 Least Flycatcher
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