This morning I headed out for my third attempt to locate a bittern at the
Garth Nature Area section of the Bear Creek Trail in Missouri.   Quickly got
distracted by warblers.  All of the following were located at or just west
of the bridge over the creek:







RC Kinglet

Louisiana Waterthrush


Thought I heard a Least Flycatcher but he only called once, and I could not
locate him.   Also had Warbling, Red-eye and White-eyed Vireos.  But, alas,
no bittern.


Headed to the golf course and was pleased to see the arrival of Eastern
Kingbirds to our course and Chimney Swifts to our roof.   Heard Nashville
Warblers in several locations.   And three mockingbirds playing tricks with
my ears.



Jean Leonatti
Boone County, Columbia, MO
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