I figured out the warbler I was seeing.  It was an Orange Crowned Warbler.  I used Jonathan Pons pictures on smugmug to ID the bird.  
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Well when the fishing pole breaks it is a god thing to have a your binoculars with you, GRRR!  The trip to Winegar lake at Scrivner wasn't a complete loss for the day.  We were able to identify a few FOY birds for me.  We parked at the parking lot by the lake and walked up the hill and found several Field Sparrows and Blue Gray Gnatcatchers.  As I walked around the lake while the rest of the family was fishing I saw lots of little FOY birds.  
More Blue Gray Gnatcatchers
Green Heron
Ruby Crowned Kinglet (with Red stripe showing)
Eastern Towhee
Bewick wren (heard only)
A yellowish warbler need help with id (muted yellow color was main color.  had eye rings that were same yellow color.  faint streaks on chest - much lighter than yellow warbler.  Stayed in the lower brush above marshy wet grass on lake side.  Sorry forgot my camera or I could have gotten lots of good pics) 
I also saw and heard lots of Cardinals 
Saw lots of Yellow Rumped Warblers as well.

I guess it was a fun productive trip even if I didn't get to fish. 

Liza Loughridge
Jefferson City, MO
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