Fellow Mobirders,
Yesterday afternoon Mary Anne and David Marjamma and I birded at Tower Grove Park.  Gaddy Bird Garden was really alot of fun.  We saw:
Male Hooded Warbler
Black and white Warblers
Common Yellow throat female
Yellow Rumps
Am. Redstart
N. Parula
Winter Wrens
Hermit Thrushes, many
Brown Thrashers, 10+
White throated Sparrows, many
Chipping Sparrows, many
Red breasted Nuthatch
White breasted Nuthatches
Robins everywhere
Y-b Sapsucker
Downey Woodpecker
Then we went to Columbia Bottom:
Little Blue Herons 2
Great Egrets
Great Blue Herons
Blue Wing Teal, many
N. Shovelers
Pied bill Grebes
Soras, seen and heard
Both species of Yellowlegs
Solitary Sandpipers
Pectoral Sandpipers
Wilson's Snipes
Red tail Hawks
Savannah Sparrows
Song Sparrows
N. Bobwhite
Am Wigeon
and in the last flooded area along the gravel road before it turns left to go out to the blacktop, 4 Black-neck Stilts.  FOY
Lorrie Vit
South County
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