As Ryan informed everyone - Tim Jones photographed a BURROWING OWL this evening in Dunklin County after learning from his brother of "an owl in the area the last 3 or 4 days".... 
Here are directions from Tim:   
The bird was seen at the exact junction of County Road 622 and County Road 613.  Please note that due to all the rain we have had, County Road 613 is impassable and County Road 622 is pretty muddy.  Cars can make it down County Road 622 but be aware of the conditions (especially if we get more rain tonight and tomorrow as expected).
Also, as I was taking pictures, there was a man on a backhoe at this exact location.  That's the reason the Owl was out in the middle of the field, instead of on the road.  The man was not working there when I left.  But if he does, the owl might not come back.
This appears to be the potential 2nd Burrowing Owl record for southeast Missouri.  Here are the other Missouri records for those interested:  Does not include this year's bird from Greene County, nor last spring's bird from Prairie SP (but, will soon).
Joshua Uffman
St. Louis County, MO
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Bird Photos:

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Just a head's up...Tim Jones has reported a BURROWING OWL on eBird. The only location I have is Dunklin County Road 622, this is the VERY southeast corner of the boot heel.
This is all the information I have.

Columbia, Boone Co.

Ryan Douglas
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