I echo Steve's regret at the date chosen for this event.

Clearly, the birding community needs to communicate more clearly,  
especially when different elements draw up calendars.

Perhaps we could have a feature on the ASM web page that is a  
CALENDAR of BIRDING-RELATED EVENTS.  As each group schedules an event  
(Migration Day, ASM Spring Meeting, Audubon Missouri trip, Christmas  
Bird Count, Day with Wildlife, Wings over Weston, Audubon Chapter  
Field Trips, etc., these events could be placed on the calendar.

Groups or individuals working to schedule an event or a field trip  
could easily check this resource before setting a date.  Some  
conflicts are inevitable, especially with the frantic activity of  
Spring, but some major overlaps could and should be avoided.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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On Apr 20, 2011, at 9:17 PM, Dianne & Steve Kinder wrote:

> It is unfortunate that this is same day as the North American  
> Migration Count which some of us have been doing for many years.  
> This is an important census of resident and migrating birds done on  
> the second Saturday of May every year.
>  Steve Kinder

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