Betweenevents today, I had a limited time to run over to Monroe County and see what the passing fronts had brought in.  Very disappointing in the lack of shorebirds.  They must have flown right over and all landed at Riverlands.  Due to several road closures because of work being done on several of the railroad crossings, I didn't get to alot of my usual spots.  Here's what I did find:
 Both species of Yellowlegs
Pectorial Sandpipers
20+ Am Golden Plovers
Red Sholder Hawks
Red Tail Hawks
Bald Eagles
Turkey Vultures
Wilson's Snipes  easily outnumbering Killdeer
Trumpter Swan
Blue-wing Teal
Green-wing Teal
N. Shovelers
Wood Ducks
Red-breaster Mergansers
Pied-bill Grebes
Belted Kingfisher
Savannah Sparrows
Fox Sparrows
Chipping Sparrows
Field Sparrows
Am. Coots
Lorrie Vit
South County
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