I was at Squaw Creek NWR today gathering data for the raptor nesting survey I am working on.  I was trying to keep one eye on the trees and one out on the mudflats and water looking for nesting hawks and anything else I could see.
I counted 15-20 American Golden Plovers.  They were not quite in full breeding plumage but were starting to get a lot of black spots on their chests.  I also found the White-faced and Glossy Ibis' that had been reported.  They were near the dividing road that runs through Mallard Marsh.  I counted 39 total Ibis' and could distinguish 6 White-faced and 3 Glossy for certain.  The others I considered Ibis spp.  I also found a lone Green Heron near the north entrance. 
There were the usual large numbers of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Soltary, Least, Bairds, and Semipalmated were all on the north end of Pintail Pool as well as all over the rest of the mud flats.  The mud flats are beginning to dry up due to the continous winds.
I had a total of 62 species for the day between 10 am and 3 pm.

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