Among the sixteen (16) species of waterfowl seen by Steve Kinder and me today at Squaw Creek NWR were two drake CINNAMON TEAL. One was seen on the west side of the refuge in the first pool of Mallard Marsh near the dividing dike before you get to the pump station. The other was on the east side of the refuge as you make your way back to the main entrance, about 200 yards south of the small building on west side of the road (a little building where hunters weigh in their deer during the archery/black powder hunting season). Thirty-two (32) dark ibises (ibes, if your prefer) were counted by us. I could make out about ten being WHITE-FACED IBIS, one GLOSSY IBIS and the remainder being Plegadis ibises. We were treated to one CATTLE EGRET, several GREAT EGRETS and many GREAT BLUE HERONS. Shorebirds seen included lots of LESSER and GREATER YELLOWLEGS, KILLDEER, SEMIPALMATED, LEAST, BAIRD'S and PECTORAL SANDPIPERS, dowitichers [spp] and WILSON'S SNIPE.

An apparent pair of BARRED OWLS began calling back and forth (after I got them started). One of them gazing at us as we passed through the woods on the north end of the auto tour loop. An adult BALD EAGLE was on the next on the west side of the loop.

Driving the BDR (oh, that's "Birders' Direct Route" - winding, up and down roads) to the refuge we encountered 4/5 LARK SPARROWS along T highway between Amazonia and Forbes.

Larry Lade
Saint Joseph, MO
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