Grand River Audubon members June Newman, Mark and Terry McNeely, and I birded the mostly wide open areas around Dunn Ranch and Pawnee Praire this morning. Some of the birds we observed;
 Greater Praire Chicken - 4-5
Ring-necked Pheasants - all around
DC Cormorants - flock flying over - I have seen this a number of times up there
Northern Harrier - 5 in view at one time
Short-eared Owl - 2
Upland Sandpipers - a few
Wilson's Snipe - a few
Brown Thrasher
American Pipit - 25+
Henslow's Sparrow - quite a few,
also Field Sparrow all over, many Savannah Sparrow, some Vesper, Song, and Fox Sparrows. I saw Am Tree Sparrow, and DE Junco later.
I also found Brewer's Blackbird, and last evening 3 Lesser and 3 Greater Yellowlegs in a floodle in a soybean field on top of an open ridge.
Nice to hear some Western Meadowlarks singing among all the Eastern.

I stopped by Helton Praire Natural Area, also in Harrison Co., on the way home this p.m. It has recently been burned, so should be a Great Praire Wildflower display there again this year!

I also made a brief stop at Crowder State Park, Grundy Co., and saw a nice variety of Woodland Wildflowers there as usual.
Saw a male Great-tailed Grackle flying "across country" back in NW Livingston Co. I am starting to see these guys a little more often around here. Nice Spring day to be OUT in North Mo!

Steve Kinder
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