Shows the character of the event, Mike, irrespective of how you came by it, 

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I agree - but did you not send this to the list last year?  someone sent this reference and  // I was so impressed I printed  out the article and bound it ! //

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Purely a godsend, I wonder how I came upon it.
Wish we had more 'lurkers' like you ;-> 

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A worthy read, indeed.  Thank you, CR, for alerting us to it.

JTWalsh (biblical lurker ... yep, still lurking...)

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Chokh Raj wrote:
> it was time i shared a reading  here's one from the archives of  Shafts of sunlight
> Jeanette Winterson  refreshing 
  I thought it might fall short of your one word description, CR, but it was indeed refreshing, as well as touching, clear-eyed, and with a generosity of spirit. A 16 year-old who reads through Murder in the Cathedral under those circumstances was bound to be somebody to take notice of. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ken A