Wild Acres Park Lake
Overland, Mo.
I must pass by this little place 6 times a week.  It always looked inviting enough, yet it was "too close to home" to have anything interesting in it.  This afternoon, while on my to Wild Bird Rehabilitation, I decided to explore it. 
While observing a courtship display with Flickers, I heard American Crows having a fit about something.  I started walking toward the crows and noticed a raptor of some kind glide through the trees-the source of the Crows angst.  Expecting a Red-tailed Hawk, I patiently waited for it to flush again.  No movement, just a quiet Hoo-hooing of a Great Horned Owl!  I spotted it and turned around to grab my scope and camera.  Upon my return, the Owl again flushed from a tree and revealed 2 Owletts, nestled together.  Amazing!  The Crows had left.
An Eastern Phoebe hung around the "lake" portion.
This gem is on CACHE as well.
Bryan Prather
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St.Louis Co.,Mo.

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