What a day for photos at Eagle Bluffs!  Usual ducks were in large winged Teal, green Teal, Mallards, Shovelers, some Ring 
necked ducks, Pied Billed Grebes, American Coots everywhere!  American White 
Pelicans in large numbers still, some Gulls...could not identify b/c of distance, 
Several of the Ruddy Ducks including at least half a dozen that have their rust 
colored feathers and blue bills, Hooded Mergansers (pair), 4 Bufflehead, Lesser 
Scaup several throughout the area and 3 Adult Bald Eagles.  Also I believe 2 
Great Egrets now and noticeably more GBHerons than the last time I was there 
a week ago.  I only saw ONE Greater Yellowlegs but numerous killdeer.

Now for the NEW ones for me...I saw 5 pair of Woodducks towards the rear of 
the EB that tributary that runs in off of Perche; I saw them twice in 
that same pool; 
Sandhill Cranes where they have been seen near Pool 10 ;
Also a first for me, 2 pair of adult Red-Breasted Mergansers ,again the Pool 10 
area, going down the one way road, taking a left towards Perche/old Eagle 
nest..that very SE corner of Pool 10.  ( I took lots of photos)

Also in pool 10, THREE Horned Grebes in breeding plumage!
Finally, somewhere in the range of 50-75+ Double Crested cormorants were 
flying over at one time; saw multiple Cormorants throughout the park.(hopefully 
I got all the ID's correct! I am one very excited birding novice:)

I have not had time to upload the photos but will do so and post on flickr in the 
next few days.

Carol Weston
Columbia, MO
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