Sorry for this being a little late.
Seen this morning at Columbia Bottom from gravel road at back where ducks congregate (pools three, four on north side of road, pool two on south): About 25 Lesser Yellowlegs, nine American Golden Plovers, about a dozen Pectorals, one Snipe. Blue-wing Teal, about eight Redheads, Northern Shovelers among the coots in pools four and five. Several hundred Green-wing Teal in Pool two, one Pintail. An adult Bald Eagle swooped in and picked off a coot in pool two. One Coopers Hawk flyover.
Connie Alwood found an American Bittern at pool 5. It jumped out of the marsh and flew a short ways before dropping into the marsh again.
Unsure how long mud flats will remain, MDC began pumping water into pool three.
Jack Cowan
South St. Louis
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