Yesterday after work, I went out to observe the Western Meadowlark trying to get a better photo. I was able to digiscope it and capture video of it singing through my spotting scope.
While observing this bird, I heard in the distance an Eastern Meadowlark mimicking the Western Meadowlark so well that I began wondering if there may be a second Western Meadowlark nearby. However, the tonal qualities were higher pitched, and the notes weren't as pure as the Western Meadowlark's notes.
Has anyone else experienced this mimicry in Eastern Meadowlarks? I can understand that as the Eastern Meadowlark is possibly trying to establish its territory that it may be trying to move the Western Meadowlark out of the desired territory by trying to use its song against it - similar to other mimics.
Thanks in advance.

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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