This weekend we saw two 'flocks' of northern flickers. One in Seneca, MO and the other in northeast of Neosho. Each flock had 5-8, all enjoying their ground feast of spring bugs. That was exciting for us. I've seen them one at a time, but never so many together.
In my backyard:
red-bellied woodpecker
a pair of downy woodpeckers
yellow-bellied sapsucker
c. chickadee pair
MANY A. goldfinch
tufted titmouse
house finch pair
many cardinals
white-throated sparrows
starlings (such pigs, but I love their music)
blue jay
mourning doves
juncos are still hanging out
FOY - brown headed cowbird
Looking forward to the hummers and B. orioles!
Jennifer Sheafer
Neosho, MO
Manager, Keeper, & Heart of SheaCrew Shanty
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