My family and I did some drive-thru birding of Eagle Bluffs this morning.  I realize I need lots more practice on my shore bird identification.  I got the Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs just fine.  There was one That I could not figure out.  It had a long straight bill, golden-ish color mostly to the top, when it would bend over the back appeared to have stripes similar to a chipmunk.  I would love to hear if anyone else was there today.  This kids were very excited with the hundreds of American White Pelicans.  I got a life bird today with a pair of Hooded Mergansers.  We saw many Ruddy Ducks, Blue & Green Wing Teal, Northern Shovelers, Lesser Scaup, Mallards.  There were thousands of American Coots everywhere.  We saw a few pairs of Canvasbacks and Buffleheads.  There were also a pair of Bald Eagles in the "eagle trees".  

All in all we had a good day birding.  We have to come up with another name for American Coots.  We call them Cooties and my youngest gets really aggravated.

Liza Loughridge 
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