The reason I never like  to use  letters for  my bird list is probably bizarre and does not make  sense to those who need to quickly chase the next bird. When I make out my list and I write down Great Blue Heron I see that bird as I saw it in the field in my mind.  If I write down  GRBLHE--I see nothing in my mind except an anxiety that I got it down right and probably didn't. So the experience of making my longer list adds to my overall enjoyment and the letters are simply irritating.

And to make this message legit---This afternoon I got to write down Chipping Sparrow on my 2011 list. And in my mind there was a bright rufous head ,black  eye and an active tiny bird. And I was so pleased to see him return to my patio. If I were to write CHSP--nothing.
So no apologies, no claims to be a great or even good birder, no desires to have huge lists--just adding a personal note to the discussion. 

And if the Sat weather forecast for more snow in Columbia wasnt on I probly would not do that.

 Anne  Downing
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Columbia, MO Boone County
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