I received my copy of The Bluebird in the mail Tuesday and was reading through it last night. Great Stuff!!
It struck me odd that the Blue Grosbeak is not known to breed in MO - according to Robbins & Easterla.
I went to ASM database to the "Species Search" page: and chose, "Blue Grosbeak", "All Years", "June", and then chose "July". The numbers of records were quite numerous: 92 overall June records and 99 overall July records from 1999 through present. Several of these records are of multiple individuals observed at the sites. An August search yielded 69 records from 2003 through present.
While not actually observing a nest, I have on multiple occassions observed both male and female Blue Grosbeaks in summer months with food stuffs in their beaks and watching me very closely, and I have watched them dissappear into the secrecy of a heavily shrouded hedge or tangle of Trumpet Creeper instead of manning their prominent perch. I never thought to document this behavior as I had just assumed that they bred in the state.
In August 20, 2008, I observed seven (7) individuals consisting of 4 adults and 3 immatures.
If there is no documentation of this species breeding in the state, I will be more mindful this coming summer to watch for breeding activities, nests, etc. and try to digiscope and document them accordingly.
Good Spring Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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