I had the opportunity to drive around the Lockwood, and Golden City area
yesterday.  The Golden Plovers are present in small numbers now, and the
numbers should increase over the next few weeks.  Did see a few Pectoral
Sandpiper's, Lesser, and Greater Yellowlegs, along with American Pipits, and
the usual large numbers of Horned Larks.  The area is quite wet with
substantial casual water, and muddy plowed fields.

For those of you not familiar with this area, the small towns are about 50
miles west of Springfield, and the habitat that was once prairie, is now
mostly agriculture with wheat, soy beans, corn, and cucumbers.  It is an
awesome area to do winter raptors, and Spring migrating shorebirds, and
painfully under birded.  Oh yes, an area where we can get quite large of
Short-eared Owls, sometimes grouped together, and sometimes spread around
the area in smaller numbers.  We find them up and about sometime during the
day, and we never walk them up.

On the way to the Lockwood area yesterday, I drove by the Willard Burrowing
Owl location, and once again it was a "No Owl",  We have had so many "No
Owls" lately that I am getting in the Christmas mood again.  It was nice to
see several familiar faces come through to see the owl while it was here. If
you are coming down for any reason, and have time to view some of the area,
please give me a call at 417-860-9505, and I would love to show you some of
our better birding spots.  I too am a compulsive birder.

Charley Burwick
Greene County
Greater Ozarks Audubon

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