Some of the hawks and owls have begun nesting activities. Yesterday , I
spotted a Great Horned Owl on a nest used by Red Tails last year near I-44
and 141 in Fenton.  Also, the Red Tail nest used last year near I-40/64 and
Long Road in the Chesterfield Valley is being repaired by the hawks. A pair
has been at the nest for the last couple days. Some of the nest blew apart
during the winter so alot of rebuilding is needed. To see photos of these
two nests, go to the link below:

The owl nest is especially good for photography as the tree with the nest is
at the bottom of a slope. If you go to the top of this incline, you are
slightly below eye level with the nest. It will be a nice place to observe
the young later on this spring. If you would like specific directions on the
location of this nest, email me off site and I will provide them.
Good luck and good birding,
Dave Pierce
St. Louis County

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