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Someone in the SLAS group Saturday spotted a White-winged Scoter across
Ellis Bay, think it was Joe E.  It gave vary good views through the scopes
although at 700 yards wasn't good for photos. This far out, the state line
is a question so could of been on either side of it but with the state line
at the edge of the channel and it was feeding a long the ice of the bay
there's a good chance it was in Mo. A WWSC was reported below the dam about
a week ago so this might be the same one.

Returned later and re-found, it eventually flew down behind the rock jetty
at the end of the dam. Immediately we went to the dam parking lot and walked
to the spillway. There it was about 60 yards out feeding next to the jetty
in front of the first gate (closed). It remained feeding, even came closer,
until some "Eagle watchers" walked up and it swam upstream still feeding.

The river was falling very fast and was choked with ice by late afternoon,
not much of any open water so couldn't find were it went.

View across Ellis Bay ~700 yards
A little closer
wing spread dive


Al Smith
Bridgeton, St. Louis County  (admin)

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